Alex has a growing portfolio of music production, working with a number of artists to record, enhance and mix their material. He also releases music under his own name.


Turbulence Single

Argle Bargle

Composed, recorded and produced by Alex, Turbulence showcases the musicality of Argle Bargle with its intricate polyrhythms and harmony. The sound world created by Alex's production aptly conjures up the image of flying high above the earth, whilst still retaining an underlying driving rhythm throughout.


Transmute (Remix)

Laura Escudé

Entered for a remix contest, Alex's reworking of Los Angeles based artist Laura Escudé's track Transmute was awarded third place, gaining it a release on Laura's label Electronic Creatives. The remix transforms the sound of track from its original, heavily synthesized state into a glitch-hop shuffle. Only the vocals are retained in the remix; the harmony, instrumentation and percussion are all Alex's work.


Why Won't You Let Me Sleep? Single

Argle Bargle

Recorded and produced by Alex alongside studio engineer Andy Gordon, Argle Bargle's recent catchy single is the fast-paced, synth-driven pop song Why Won't You Let Me Sleep. Taking influence from artists such as Jungle and Glass Animals, its hard-hitting sound has captured some great reviews from BBC Introducing and Brum Radio.

JUNE 2018

Colourless EP

Laura Goldthorp

A five-track EP, Colourless was recorded and produced by Alex, who added piano, bass guitar, viola and drums to Laura's voice and guitar. The production showcases the simplicity and beauty of Laura's vocals and lyrical skill without sounding bare. The first single from the EP, Candy Shops, has gained national airplay and over 100,000 plays on Spotify.

JULY 2017

In The Midst Of All This Mess EP

Argle Bargle

Argle Bargle's first EP, In The Midst Of All This Mess, was recorded by Will James and mixed by Alex to reflect the band's live sound.

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