Alex studied composition under Michael Zev Gordon at the University of Birmingham, winning the Barber Composition Prize in his final year. He is an adept arranger and orchestrator with particular experience in writing scores for big bands. Alex also combines his composition and production disciplines when writing for film, tv and other digital media.

MAY 2018

Breaking The Sound Barrier

Written for BCMG

Breaking The Sound Barrier is inspired by the post-war pursuit to build an aircraft whose speed could surpass that of sound. The entire work is based on the concept of objects moving past the listener at increasing speeds, culminating with an object that is moving faster than the speed of sound. Written for Alex's final year at Birmingham University, the piece was workshopped by BCMG in May 2018 and took top honours for that year's composition module. Unfortunately, because the University holds the copyright, the recording is not publicly available but if you would like to hear it or view the score, please email

MAY 2017

Yesterday (The Beatles)

Arranged for big band

Written for the 2017 University of Birmingham summer festival, Alex's arrangement of The Beatles' Yesterday retains the original tune and words, but changes all other parameters. The melody is set to a shuffle groove, with horn stabs and a busy bassline. The arrangement has since become standard repertoire in the summer festival's big band. To listen to a recording, please click the image below.

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