Alex Fergusson

Welcome to my website! I'm a composer, producer, pianist and arranger based in Birmingham, UK. My work covers a breadth of genres and styles, from big band arrangements and choral composition to jazz piano and singer-songwriter production.

Much of my musical energy is spent writing, composing and producing for my band Argle Bargle. We're a nine-piece pop-fusion band based between London, Birmingham and Coventry. We've played at many festivals around the UK, winning a small but dedicated following. Our songs range from the serious to the ridiculous, with lyrical content on societal divisions through to broken photocopiers.

I've also been recording and producing the music of singer-songwriter Laura Goldthorp since 2014. Over the years, we've developed a distinctive sound that combines Laura's sublime songwriting with additional acoustic and electronic elements. Laura's 2018 E.P. Colourless received national airplay and media attention.

Do head over to my music page to hear some of my more recent works!

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